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City Construction

Why Choose Us?



How City Construction Works

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Good work doesn’t just require hard work, it requires a good process and solid follow-through.   We do all four at every step.

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General Contract

From the first step, we’ll work with you to forge a contract and a relationship that’s fair, honest, and economical.

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Project Planning

The best offense is a good defense, and the best cost-cutter is a good plan.  

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On-Site Work

Detail-oriented, attentive, expedient, and when the situation requires it, out of sight, and out of mind.  


OUr Values

What Makes Us City Construction

Positive, Competitive, Loyal

We go into every job knowing that there are going to be unique challenges we’ve never faced before.  And if we hadn’t been able to overcome that, we wouldn’t be here, working for you, today.

Transparent, Teamwork

We’re not just contractors, or consultants, or a construction company, we’re collaborators.  Got any advice for us?  Something you want to pitch?  Let us know.  It’s your field as much as ours.

Process, Leadership, Relationship

Anything that will stand needs a good foundation, a good framework, and a good team to put it all together.

Successful Outcomes

Any project, no matter how big or small, deserves beautiful dedication and lasting success.  We build and deliver not just because we enjoy it, but because we believe our community, our home, deserves it.


Projects Completed



Projects Completed

On Budget


Very Happy


Recent Projects


View Current & Recent Projects

City Construction is constantly on the move with new projects for customers new and old alike.  Take a look below to get an idea of how we can work for you.
Iowa City West High School
A renovation of the entire HVAC system, window replacements, a small addition and other renovations.
Burge Market Place UI-01
Burge Dining Hall
Renovation of the Burge residence hall marketplace dining area for the University of Iowa.
O’Brien McDonald’s Headquarters
Interior build of a 5,000 Square Ft office space for the franchise headquarters.
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Complete renovation of a 100 year old Fraternity house on the campus of The University of Iowa.
downtown district planter boxes
Downtown District Shade Structure
An artistic shade structure one the Iowa City Ped Mall
Hotowrx front
Interior Build out of 3,400 Square Ft Fitness Facility



Hear From Our Clients

Our work speaks for itself, but sometimes, the people we do it for are kind enough to speak up too.   Take a look at what past customers have had to say about some of our projects.